Hôtel et SPA Les Cleunes Oléron : Hôtel 3 étoiles dans la ville de Saint-Trojan-les-Bains sur Oléron (Île d'Oléron) en Charente maritime. Hôtel et SPA avec piscine sur Oléron. Petit déjeuner à l'hôtel.



Our planet is fragil, we try to reduce our negative impact and we make commitment to respect eco-responsible actions et principles  :

Achieving Water Savings : reduce Water consumption

Achieving Energy: use of recycling sorting, reduce consumption of electricty

We also provide you electric charging station for cars

Adopting for Renewable Energies : the installation of solar panels enable water heating for bathroom, swimming pools…


Reducing Wastes : use of recycling sorting,

Buy Responsible : buy local food products served during breakfast, sort our waste

Sensitize customers and employees of the ecological emergency

We have somes examples in our hotel guide to make the small effforts to reduce consumption of water and electricity, sort our wastes.....

For Water

  • ·do not let the water run unnecessarily: inform us of any leak
  • ·do not throw away toxic products (disinfectant, acids) in sink or toilet
  • Bathtubs can only be used in shower mode

For Energy

  • ·switch off the light and television when you leave your room
  • ·shut down the heater when the window is open

For Waste

  • ·use the room’s bin to throw your newspapers and papers
  • ·use the bin in your bathroom to throw any other waste
  • ·give your used batteries to the reception
  • ·leave empty glass bottles on the desk in your room


    25 boulevard de la Plage,
    17370 Saint-Trojan-les-Bains

    ne pas fumer pas d animaux


CNCO Ecole de voile

Casino de Saint-Trojan

Office du tourisme

Petit train de St Trojan

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Tél : 05 46 76 03 08

25 boulevard de la Plage,
17370 Saint-Trojan-les-Bains

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